Corporate social responsibility


Corporate sustainability is a responsibility. As a committed company, we realize this by taking initiatives throughout our operation, for example:

  • In our logistics process, we use as little plastic packaging as possible. These are also recycled to the maximum extent possible, reused or replaced with sustainable alternatives.
  • Our offices are equipped with a heat pump.
  • Our water is recycled.
  • We have switched to LED lighting in most parts of or premises.
  • The electrification of our vehicle fleet is in full swing.
  • We are currently working on a project whereby we will gradually convert our glasshouses into well-insulated structures equipped with solar panels.
  • - …

Donck NV currently holds 2 certificates with which we would like to illustrate the current sustainability of our company.

  • Since 2014, we have had the European Organic label. This certificate indicates that a selection of potted herbal plants from our range, comply with the European guidelines. This certificate is your guarantee of a high-quality end product that respects organic legislation.
  • Since April 2023, we achieved the MPS Florimark GTP certificate. Florimark GTP is a quality assurance system with requirements for traceability, environmental and social requirements. Transparency is only possible when every link in the chain makes its own contribution. With the MPS Florimark label, growers, traders and auctions are all assessed on the same criteria. With the obtained Florimark GTP certificate, we therefore meet our customers' social, quality and environmental requirements, as well as stimulating cooperation in the chain.


Sustainability goes hand in hand with innovation. Depending on the wishes and needs of the market, we look for new products together with our partners (breeding, growers and customers).

Not only the aesthetic aspect plays a role. Also properties such as disease resistance, air purification capacity and flowering quality are also important to find solutions that are future-proof and sustainable. This in order to contribute to a sustainable world.

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We have our own production in azalea indica, one of Belgium’s leading ornamental plants.